Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TAST 2012 Week 39 Knotted Buttonhole Stitch and another catch up

I actually did the Take a Stitch Tuesday for this week as well as doing week 34.  If I have time, I will do more "catch up" but my sister is in town and other things need to be done as well.

Here is Week 39:   Knotted Buttonhole Stitch

And here is Week 34:  Linked double chain

I am enjoying doing this on a regular basis again.  I was glad to finish my large project, but I will really consider well next time before I choose to make something that will take so much time.


  1. Two simple, yet very attractive designs.

  2. Creative samples and beautifully done.

    shami immanuel.

  3. wonderfully done samples.